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Our history...

Sibyl Center Board of Directors

President - Taryn Lumley - Stanley, ND

Secretary - Kris Hetzel - Stanley, ND

Treasurer - Kathy Ruland - Ross, ND

Board Member - Linda Lumley - Lostwood, ND

Board Member - Nicole Biwer - Stanley, ND

Board Member - Don Hoirup - Winstom-Salem,NC/Stanley, ND

Board Member - Rory Porth - Stanley, ND

Board Member - Carl Kannianen - Stanley, ND

"Sibyl MacDonald was born June 1, 1891 at Minot.  She graduated from Minot High School and the Chicago Conservatory of Music.  After that she toured with a Chautauqua group in the Midwest for several years.​

​"She then moved to Sanish, where her parents were then living and taught music lessons.  When the town of Sanish was disbanded she moved to Stanley.  This would have been in 1945."

​"After moving to Stanley she gave music lessons during the school term and traveled extensively during the summer.  She had traveled to the far east and Europe and also to Alaska."

​"Miss MacDonald was a member of the National Federation of Music Teachers, American Association of Retired Persons, McDowell Music Club of Stanley and the First Presbyterian Church of Stanley."

​"When Miss MacDonald died in 1973, she left her estate to various charities as she had no close relatives.  A large portion was received by the local Presbyterian Church and Missions."

​                                                                         - from Stanley's 75th Anniversary Book (1977)

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